Duncan Young

Duncan Young is the Head of Workplace Health and Wellbeing at leading international property and infrastructure group Lendlease which has operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. He is a passionate advocate of the positive impact of workplaces on health, and is a thought leader on this.  He believes that health is a journey and that small steps can lead to larger incremental change. He focuses on elements of workplace wellbeing that help individuals to thrive, not just at work, but in life.  

His strategies and programs are based on research and grounded in the workplace environment, making them directly transferable between organizations.   His latest research on stress and energy renewal uses bio-feedback devices developed in elite sports to help ‘corporate athletes’ perform at their best. When he is not travelling Duncan is based in Sydney. Sydney’s temperate climate allows him to pursue his twin passions of surfing and ocean-swimming (his personal tools for keeping in-balance).




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